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Sunday, November 1, 2009

"Written With Love"

I think I'm officially addicted to my computer. Whether it's watching items I'm buying or selling on EBay, composing and sending messages via email to family and friends, or scanning Face Book to stay up-to-date with almost everyone I know, I am spending many more hours each day with my face in front of a glowing screen!

We could spend hours debating the pros and cons of the Internet and the thousands of uses our computers perform each and every day. But there is one time-honored practice I still consider very special - almost sacred. The act (and some would say, art) of letter-writing. Don't know about you, but I'm always extremely excited when I've walked to my mailbox, open the lid, and spy a hand-written card or letter lying there. Especially the letters....I don't even remember the last time I received a hand-written letter from anyone!

While I will certainly be the very first to admit how easy and accessible the computer is to "jot" off a note to someone, I also have to admit that I still love writing a hand-written note to someone special. Thank you notes or cards of sympathy in particular .... a genuine, personally hand-written note is one of the best gifts you can bestow to someone - particularly in today's fast-paced way of life! When I receive a hand-written thank you or note of friendship, to me, it conveys all the love, respect, or compassion the composer was feeling for me at the moment they wrote it....for I know my circumstances were felt deep within, and "important enough" to take the time - even if only a few short minutes - to write to me in their own hand.

I've known many people who've used the well-known excuse that their hand-writing was "just terrible," and felt it kinder to send a typed or computer-generated message so that the recipient could actually read it. As for me, it's of no importance if their hand-writing doesn't resemble a professional calligrapher's artwork....what matters is that they cared enough to scrawl a note to me!

Current economical circumstances are making the decision for me to write and send personal greeting cards this Christmas very difficult....while the cards can be found at some great discounts, the postage can not. This makes me a little blue, for one of my personally cherished holiday activities is either selecting the perfect Christmas card, or creating my own letter or picture-card to send to family and friends. Last year (for obvious budget reasons!) I did both - I sent cards to those friends and family far away that I don't have an opportunity to see on a regular basis, and emailed greetings to those close by.

Many of us still treasure selecting beautiful stationery papers and note cards, and writing with a favorite pen - one that feels and fits just right in your hand. I'd like to think that in the future our society might be able to "mix" the best of both worlds...using our computers and our technical abilities to connect with others all over the world when necessary, yet continuing to hand-craft a personal message to someone when we really need to convey a very special sentiment!

While I know how special my loved ones feel to receive those beautiful Christmas cards each year, I guess they'll understand that my creativity might have to be on the "technical side" again this year. The bright side is, either way, they'll know that I was thinking of each and every one of them - if I strive to continue adding a personal message to each card - even if digitally created! Are any of you faced with the same dilemma this coming holiday season? Will you continue a tradition of sending letters or cards, or will your family and friends welcome your email messages just the same?

Ah - the feel of the weight of a beautiful pen in my hand....then again - I wouldn't be able to deliver my little messages of Joy to each of you! May you find today's note a little ray of sunshine....even if it didn't arrive in your mail box via "snail-mail!"

Pay it forward - spread a smile!

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