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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Lavender Dreams"

Yep, I'm thinking tonight is definitely a hot bubble bath kind of night!

A good many people don't really consider relaxation an "art," but I'm personally beginning to understand why the old phrase "the art of relaxation" was even coined. While a trip to some crystal-blue shore with my feet in fine, soft sand and an exotic drink close by is never too far from my day-dreams, my current state of reality reminds me this might not be possible for a while!

This is where the "art" of relaxation comes in. Even if you're lucky enough to own an elaborate hot-tub, spa, or whirlpool tub, sometimes you need to look for creative, new ways to bring a little "down time" into your day! I could list tips and simple ideas here forever....but I think we all know that it's not really all that difficult to find a "little slice of heaven" for just a few minutes!

It can be as simple as buying a candle in your favorite scent (I adore lavender) - or trying a new smell that just soothes your senses. Even taking a few minutes to just close our eyes and assuming a comfortable position (while listening to our breathing) can be done just about anywhere. Even sitting outside under a tree, or in a spot of sunshine - letting the warmth radiate through us can soothe our "aching" bones and mind.

Relaxing means different things to different people - my husband, for instance, is not very good at sitting still (unless he's watching a favorite T.V. show - even then, he's got his laptop in front of him!). His favorite way to "unwind" at the end of the day is to cook...and believe me, I don't mind letting him! Many people consider their favorite hobbies or past-times a special way to relax - whether it be reading, playing the piano (one of my favorites) or other instrument, listening to music, needlework, woodworking, playing solitaire, etc., etc., etc.... the list is endless.

However, when we really need to relax - when our bodies are over-worked and our minds can no longer absorb another stressful worry, those are the times we really need to listen to our bodies and literally just "kick back" and do...NOTHING. Some people just aren't "in" to taking hot baths - but the possibilities for uncovering a special, personal way to relax are endless.

So many of us are feeling the stress of current times....and are forced into being creative in LOTS of ways at home. Rather than taking just a few moments to find a little time for some peace, too many of us just don't bother - "it's not worth the trouble;" "I don't have time;" "I have more important things to do" - these are just some of the small, yet negative responses we continue to guilt ourselves with.

It's important that we take a break from even our hobbies, and just...sit. How many of us have lost the ability to just sit, and do absolutely nothing for at least five minutes? Whether it be in prayer, meditation, or total silence, our minds need to take a break from all the "stuff" that fills every second, every minute of our daily lives. It's not just an indulgence or special treat. (which many of us moms fall into believing!) Our emotional (and physical) health deserve the opportunity to let go of all that commotion!

We may not have the money for a weekly or monthly massage, trip to the spa, or even a pedicure with an automatic massage-chair....but some wonderful relaxation can start at home. It can be as simple as a candle, a glass of wine (or favorite beverage), a dark quiet room, sitting in the garden, or filling up your tub with good ol' fashioned bubble-bath.

Do yourself a little favor - take the time to unwind. Don't take on another "hobby," or worry about affording a vacation, or signing up for the latest yoga class...start by giving yourself some time, every day. Not only will you appreciate the results, but your family and those around you will notice the difference. In order to be of benefit to others, you need to be good to yourself!
That bathtub is calling my name....

Pay it forward - spread a smile!
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