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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Polishing the Dull Side...

I've been obsessing over the carpet in our home lately.

First of all, it's a light color. (not white, mind you, but a very light beige!) Second, we have 3 boys, 4 dogs and a cat. Third, the house is 11 years old.....high traffic, high maintenance for eleven years adds up.

I've cleaned it, and cleaned it.  And ....cleaned it some more.  It's really starting to show  the wear-and-tear.  While part of it doesn't look "too" bad, the few real stains that are present are way beyond ever coming out.  A professional steam cleaning isn't even going to help now...

To top it all off, the wood flooring that we have throughout the kitchen, dining and hallway areas are pretty beat up as well.  That either needs to be stripped and re-surfaced, or completely pulled up and done over.  After eleven years in our home - I keep finding so many things that are now either coming due for replacement, or major repair.  It's overwhelming, and I know there's no way we'll be able to tackle these kind of expenses any time soon.

I'm not looking for perfection here, but I do mind these things when they start to look dirty and unkempt.  I've known for a while that I'm a little obsessive-compulsive when it comes to organization and neatness, but I'm usually not too picky when it comes to the heavy cleaning.  (With three boys, I'm sure you could relate!)

Why am I writing about my dirty floors on a blog that should be offering snippets of positivity and inspiration?

Even though I have been unhappy with the way certain areas in our home are beginning to appear faded or dingy, I'm truly thankful that I even have a home to clean. I'm almost looking at those stains now as  "badges of honor."  With so many families losing their homes in this dark economic era (and some losing even more) I have nothing to complain about.  Reminders that a close and loving family fills this dwelling, those stains are starting to remind me just how fortunate and Blessed our family is to have a home to clean....

Even though their bedrooms constantly need vacuuming and dusting, my boys are lucky enough to even have their own personal space, and a bed to lie on.

Even though I cringe when I note the wood decaying under the dishwasher in our small, crowded kitchen, we are Blessed with a full pantry and refrigerator.

Even though we don't have the financial means to  create the landscape of our dreams, God continues to grant us the ability to call this little slice of heaven our home....and it is filled with love.

It's more than just your average "attitude of gratitude."  This has been a conscious decision on my part to face an otherwise depressing or challenging moment, and try to turn it into a reminder of truth.
My truth:  the worn-out carpet, flooring, paint, and fixtures of my abode have never defined those who dwell within.  Home is what you make it, and how you live it.

"If you can't see the bright side of life,
polish the dull side."

In a nutshell:  I'm rich!!!  :)

Pay it forward - Spread a Smile !

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  1. Right on Pam! I live in an older camper and I would love to have new carpet also...etc. However, I am extremely grateful for my humble and debt-free life. Improvements will come in time to both of us.

  2. Love this! I can't begin to express how much I can identify with this post, both the *ugh* feeling when seeing things that need replacing or repair, and then the realization that I'm so blessed in the big picture. Thanks for the reminder! :)

  3. Hi! I'm here from The Lady Bloggers Tea Party Social! Pleased to meet you. I've got a HELLO, HANDSOME blog party happening at my blog right now. I'd be tickled pink if you stopped by and joined in the fun.

    Homemaker Honey

  4. Hi! Your post is so true and very inspiring. I am happy to follow your blog for I always need a dose of positivity (my hubby thinks I do... lol). I also placed your badge in my blog http://mylittlemetimecorner.blogspot.com.

    By the way, I am blog hopping from Lady Bloggers Tea Party.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Hey Ladies!
    Thanks for joing me on the LBS Tea Party today...

    I'm checking your sites out now!!!

  6. This is such a valid point- thank you for writing it. We chose to have second hand everything when our children were smaller so we could have as relaxed a lifestyle as possible with friend, family, neighbours, parties at our place, also a home Church...all of which worked out pretty well. But now the last one is 15 and the place looks right shabby I'd begun to think like you at the start. NOW I'm going to take on board your thoughts and adjust the thinking thermostat!!

  7. There was a time when I was told that I needed medication to help me go through a period of time where I was depressed. I didn't quite feel okay with taking medication because I knew that this medication wasn't going to help the "real" problem.

    It took some time but I realized that what needed to change was my own state of mind during that time towards my daily outlook on life.

    During this past year I have begun to change the way that I saw those daily tasks just as you mentioned on your post and for myself that alone is what made the difference.

    Found you through the LB's Tea Party :)

  8. I don't have little childre - a husband, a dog, and an elderly mother, a very old mother-in-law - but I sure can relate. My house is about 16 years old, and although we've replaced the carpet a few times, the old ladies just may be worse than children when it comes to spilling stuff. Anyway, I'm here from the LBS Tea Party. Love your blog. I love anything positive!

  9. Such a great message ... and I, too, and so grateful for my home (and all the wear and tear on it, too!)

    I really love your blog! So ... positive! and really refreshing!

  10. Thank you for visiting my place and your lovely comment- you are so kind!

  11. I like your way of thinkin;, lady!
    I love my little house too, broken boards and all :)


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