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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Beautiful Butterflies !

adore butterflies and moths!

...their amazing and brilliant color schemes, intricate shapes, and sizes from extremely tiny to that of a dinner-plate. Their ability to just "float" on even the slightest breeze never ceases to capture my interest, and I watch them in awe whenever I'm in their weightless presence.

I've been to a couple different Butterfly Farms in Florida, and if you ever have the chance to visit one of these amazing places, I highly recommend taking the time to go!

From my collection:

'Happiness is a butterfly which, when pursued,
is always beyond our grasp,
but which if you will sit down quietly,
may alight upon you."

- Nathaniel Hawthorne

Pay it forward - spread a smile!


  1. Butterflies are so pretty and elusive in my region unfortunately. We briefly had a tourist attraction here in town called The Butterfly Pavillion, which was beautiful.
    Years ago those words by Nathaniel Hawthorne inspired me to write a poem. If you like poetry at all, I can send it to you. :)

  2. Oops...I commented but it didn't go through. That's what I get for being up so late. LOL

    I love butterflies...so beautiful and elusive. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pics!

  3. What a beautiful series of Butterfly pictures! I feel they are truly amazing creatures. Have you ever been to the Butterfly House at Callaway Gardens? It is one magical place to visit.

  4. Hey Jean -
    No, I haven't been to Callaway in YEARS! (I would love to go back.) I've heard about the Butterfly house, though!
    Michele - thank you, I would LOVE to see your poem!!


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