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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"Love Helps The Medicine Go Down!"

Yes - I know - I haven't been on top of my writing for several days now, and I sincerely apologize. I've been down with a pretty severe cold and let me tell you, it's almost impossible to think - let alone write - very clearly when your head is splitting, you're coughing constantly, and you just ache all over! Most of us have "been there - done that." I call this my annual early-winter cold. I'm not positive if it's started by an allergic reaction to the fall leaves or the subsequent dampness and mold that's associated with those leaves or what, but this happens almost every year at the same time!

Today is really the first day I've actually been able to get some real energy back and attempt any creativity. I began pondering this morning on what to write about after my absence, and my current circumstances pointed me in the obvious direction: while it is never any fun to be sick or feeling unwell in any way, I do think that being ill teaches us some important life-lessons.

Let me point out that I am not really speaking of life-threatening or permanently debilitating illnesses such as cancer....those circumstances require a whole different blog, for the implications and results of those diseases are much more severe.

What I do want to talk about today are those general, "run-of-the-mill" times where we just feel bad - due to colds, flu, migraines, minor surgeries, and the like. Not to make light of whenever someone is feeling low because of one of those - on the contrary - when it hits us personally, it throws our whole life-order out of whack! Especially us moms....we all know what it's like to have to remain in control of all the family functions, even when we're breaking out in a cold sweat from a fever or every muscle in our body aches. We just continue to do what we do - because we have to.

Sometimes, when it's "bad" enough, being laid up like that requires that we sit back and take it easy. Our bodies are trying to heal themselves, and they're telling us to treat ourselves accordingly. I sometimes have a hard time doing this - unless I'm feeling really bad - and these past few days I listened. I tried very hard not to start any "major" projects around the house or go anywhere. I laid on the couch, drank lots of tea, slept whenever I needed to, took my medicine, and just - rode it out.

Can there even be a "bright-side" to getting sick? How about letting another loved-one take care of you....letting them take over, take control, just take care of you. Many of us have a hard time succumbing to another persons care - our pride is usually in the way. But we owe it to those we love to be able to repay the "favor" of caring for us, when we would most certainly do the same for them.

He may not realize it when I say "thank you," but I really cherish my hubby making the trips to the store for cold medicines, soups, or ginger-ale for my throat, making dinner, running the youngest to swim practice at 5:15 am, or just covering me up on the couch with my favorite blanket! He seems to know - before I even do at times - when I'm not one hundred percent. My boys are pretty understanding as well when mom is sick, and take turns checking in on me or giving me "extra" hugs or pats on the head. What a blessing of comfort - it's humbling to know that they love you that much.

While I certainly don't wish any ailment upon my kids, husband, or family, I do "relish" the opportunity to really spoil them - take care of them - when they are sick or feeling low. I don't believe you have to be a "mom" to feel that level of love and concern for others. As we mature, we become much more aware of the needs of others - especially those close to us - and we understand the value and blessing in each of them.

Yes - it is good to let someone else take over - take care of you. Should you be feeling particularly lonely and feel that you have no one to take care of you, perhaps you're not looking hard enough. Caregivers sometimes come to us in hidden packages, and it's up to us to ask for help - or maybe even just a shoulder to cry on, when we're feeling low.

God never gives us more than we can handle - and assures us that we're never alone. He is with us, always. And here on earth, he places people in our midst who want to care for us in many different places....we just need to be open to them.

Are you thankful for someone special in your life - someone that has been there to care for you in times of sickness? Does their care and concern still effect you today? Have you been able to return that blessing? It sure isn't fun when you get sick - but on the bright-side, having someone you love around certainly "helps the medicine go down!"

Pay it forward - spread a smile!

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