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Monday, July 5, 2010

July 5th - After the Fireworks

Upon visiting a new site for fellow bloggers and writers this morning, I discovered this picture.

It wasn't until after I had been staring at the photo (for several minutes!) and then left a comment for the host that I realized what the subject matter was, and then what I was supposed to do!

It took me a minute, but it hit me - it's a close-up of firecrackers!  Cool. Still feeling the "glow" of our 4th of July festivities and fun, I really liked this picture.  It just tied in beautifully with all that our family did over the long 4th of July weekend!

Magpie Tales  instructed us to write a "short vignette or poem" on the basis of this photo.  Today being Monday, July 5th, I have to say that it still feels like we're on the holiday!  Although many businesses are closed todayin honor of the holiday that fell on a Sunday this year - the "hullabaloo" is over, the cloudy haze from thousands of fireworks has cleared, the frantic last-minute grocery shopping is over, and even the traffic isn't as bad.   We are filled with great memories of another celebration of our country's independence and freedom.  Spent with family and dear friends, I couldn't let the day go by without remembering why I'm glad I'm an American.

We are Blessed and fortunate to live in a nation that - although it has it's flaws and failures - still continues to offer us so much more.  In that regard, I decided to keep today's posting simple. (and sometimes, "simple" is better!)  Thinking of all those reasons I'm glad to be an American, I actually started making this list last night while watching even more fireworks - way off in the distance - from the top of our front-porch roof!  (we have quite a "view" from that perch!)

Top Ten Reasons I'm Glad to Be an American
(in no particular order)
  1. My Catholic family and I can worship as often and where-ever we wish, with no repercussions.  We can worship in any faith that we choose.
  2. We can travel and participate in vacations anywhere within this great country without issue.
  3. We can even travel outside the country, visiting neighbors world-wide, knowing that we can always return home.
  4. My children have always been guaranteed an education.
  5. Regardless of the paperwork, red-tape, and hassle, we have always been able to find health-care.
  6. Even though we may not always choose to voice an opinion, we have the ability and the right to do so.
  7. Even though we may not always choose to do so, all citizens have the ability and right to vote for their governmental representatives. And we can do (or not do) this without fear of reprisal.
  8. If we don't "like" our current life and circumstances, we have the freedom to pick up and start over elsewhere.
  9. We have the privilege and ability to choose and participate in many forms of recreation and entertainment - from sports activities and clubs, to movies and concerts ( and yes, even neighborhood parties with fireworks!) -  without excessive censorship or interference.
  10. We can be anything we want - or dream - to be!

After the fireworks, picnics, sitting  with family, drinking with friends, playing with the kids, what better way to contemplate what this country stands for?  I also thank and honor all of those who have ever given the ultimate sacrifice in support of this belief and cause.

"In the truest sense,
freedom cannot be bestowed;
it must be achieved."
- Franklin D. Roosevelt

What are your Top Ten? 

Pay it forward - spread a smile!


  1. Love what you did with your post for Magpie Tales!
    We all should be gratefull for the freedoms that we have. Hope you have an awesome week! :-)

  2. this is a great blog. Positivity is such a good thing.

  3. Gratitude is so important, especially in times like these. Glad to reflect with you, about the good things in this country. Thanks!

  4. Here are my top 10 reasons I'm glad to be an American...in no particular order, either:

    1. Because we are the great melting pot, and even though not everyone does, the idea is to be color-blind and accepting of all.

    2. Freedom OF RELIGION! I ♥ God and am so glad that I can shout it from the mountain tops!

    3. The right to choose my own destiny!

    4. That even the most poor among us is rich compared to many.

    5. That we tend to be a nation that extends help to others.

    6. We come together when times are tough.

    7. Capitalism is encouraged which helps people make their own way.

    8. Freedom of press

    9. Relatively fair judicial system,

    10. Levi's, Converse, Apple Pie, and Baseball!

  5. Speaking of gratitude (Myrna!) - THANK YOU ladies!

    Michele - all I can say is...AMEN Sister!! (love your list!) :D

  6. amen sister- I can not improve on your list-thank you for your contribution!

  7. I applaud your list. We should always remember why this great country was founded

  8. Pam, This is a super post! I agree with your 10 reasons. We all need to think about why we are grateful to live in this Country. #7 is a huge freedom we have here in the states. We all should educate ourselves about the candidates running for office so we can make good choices. Ya can't always trust the media....sad to say.:(

  9. Wonderful list. Yes, our country has its problems and its flaws, but we who live in the US are very lucky.


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