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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"The beginning - a search for Joy"

I always find it amazing how very simple things can lift our spirits and make a "so-so," hum-drum, kind of day (or even a week) into something SO much better...even memorable:

Taking a walk outdoors with family or friends (like I did this past weekend!)- not spending any money to drive great distances but enjoying the day for what it is - perfect sunshine, leaves beginning to turn color, the joy of taking pictures in nature's perfect lighting. The cat - who normally favors everyone else in the family with her affections but you, - yet suddenly and lovingly jumps in your lap with a purrful rub of her little pink nose and curls sweetly in the crook of your arm. Your teenager - who's on the brink of manhood, and usually too engrossed in his own thoughts at warp-speed to pay attention - that catches you at just the right moment and squeezes you in a bear-hug that takes your breath away. A wave or thumbs-up from a passing driver, who's flashing a broad smile because you're driving the same make car, knowing we're in a special, yet un-spoken "club." The familiar tune of your favorite song coming on the radio - and the pleasure you feel knowing that you know all the words!

Devoted to uncovering the joy and positivity in all things, I hope to help others who happen across this site to seek out "the brighter side" of whatever life might throw at us. An easy task it's not always going to be. I confess, my desires and goals are not completely unselfish...for by developing a motivation to face the blank page and write daily on a belief so dear to me, I know that I will continue to grow and experience life on a whole different plane than what I do currently.

For those of us whom others have called perpetual "optimists," we instinctively know why an attitude of Joy is important - and it's usually a way of life. A positive attitude can effect everything we do. Proven by scientists and doctors, a positive attitude and outlook literally affects our health - and those around us. Most of us have had several experiences in our lifetimes where we have been in the presence of someone who exuded feelings of negativity and sadness. Emitted in forms of complaint, criticism, or even abuse, we've all felt an immediate change in our own spirit and energies when we've been on the receiving end (or even just witnessed) these negative thoughts and emotions. It can be very easy to loose ourselves in that darkness.

While I by no means claim to have any "magic pill" or solution for some of life's most devastating and heart-breaking periods (and let's face it - we will have them), I do hope to place in your path at least one little thought or treasure of Joy each day. There is no substitution for those who need serious medical attention and intervention in the case of severe depression or anxiety, and I know from personal experience that clinical depression requires more attention and help than just reading a small blog each day!

I might not be able to "move mountains" with this blog site....but I do understand how powerful positive, happy thoughts can be. Even Peter Pan discovered that he couldn't fly without them.....Tinker Bell would've sprinkled all the fairy dust in Never-Never Land on Peter, and he still wouldn't have been able to fly.....he had to think happy thoughts in order for it to work!

I hope this was one little ray of sunshine in your day....pay it forward, and spread a smile!

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